Poltimore 2018 is a music festival, a secret cinema, and a cutting edge theatre venue.

poltimore stage

About the festival

Welcome to the seventh birthday of Poltimore Festival (formerly AOTM), Exeter’s very own Glastonbury.

Featuring a massive programme of arts crammed into one day, come down to the hidden gem in the crown of Exeter’s countryside, and feast on the spellbinding music, the best new writing, cutting edge theatre, film and art that’s graced the South West, while exploring the beautiful house and grounds of Poltimore.

#Poltimore17 is all of this and more – so what will you find?

About the House

Poltimore House has a heartfelt place in Devon’s culture. Built as an aristocratic house, it’s taken on several identities since, as a girls’ school, a wartime home and a hospital, before being sold by the NHS in 1975.

The sale reduced its grounds to 13 acres, as a fire destroyed the former ballroom wing in 1987. From then, it became increasingly derelict, neglected and vandalised, slipping rapidly into decay.

Avoiding destruction at the turn of the Century, it was bought by the Poltimore House Trust and gained national attention as a finalist in BBC 2’s Restoration series.

In 2005, English Heritage supported the costs of the great scaffold and top hat tin roof to protect it from the wind and rain, and with grants secured to begin renewing the roof, support from volunteers is bringing new life to the Poltimore project.